Employment-related child protection

Ombudsman's role in relation to employment-related child protection

Part 3A of the Ombudsman Act 1974 requires the Ombudsman to keep under scrutiny the systems that government and certain non-government agencies in NSW have for preventing reportable conduct and handling reportable allegations and convictions involving their employees.

‘Designated agencies’ must notify us of all reportable allegations and convictions that arise inside or outside the employee’s work.

Designated government agencies include:

Designated non-government agencies include:

‘Other public authorities’ are only required to notify reportable allegations or convictions that arise in the course of the employee’s work.

We must decide whether an investigation into a reportable allegation or conviction against an employee of a designated agency that has been notified to us has been properly conducted, and whether appropriate action was taken as a result of the investigation.

Reportable allegations and convictions

Information for agencies

Employment-related child protection notification and final advice forms

In cases where the NSW Ombudsman has placed a ‘Contact the NSW Ombudsman’s Office’ flag against a carers’ reportable allegation history in the Carers Register, designated agencies must request information from the NSW Ombudsman before taking any action (including authorising carers). To request such information, please use the Carers Register – Contact Ombudsman Request Form below.

Carers Register – Contact Ombudsman Request Form