Administrative law in the public sector workshop

The purpose of this course is to give NSW public servants an understanding of their obligations and best practice under administrative law.

Who should attend

It is targeted at public servants with a range of administrative functions, including front line service delivery and decision-making, investigations, program development and delivery, procurement, review and audit, and management.


The workshop is 3.5 hours including short breaks.


The course will cover:

  • general principles of administrative law, including lawful administration and good administration, applicable to all public servants.
  • the sources of administrative law principles and the rationales for their application.
  • the roles of the courts, NCAT and the NSW Ombudsman in overseeing administrative law in the NSW public sector; and
  • best practice in the exercise of a range of administrative functions, with specific modules focussed on investigations, procurement, decision-making and program development, and delivery to be adapted and taught as relevant to different groups.


The workshop can be delivered face to face in person or remotely and with all content and activities conducted and completed within the workshop.

Need to book training for your team?

We offer this workshop in-house (online or in-person). We can also tailor it to meet your organisation's specific learning needs.

Contact our Training and Engagement Unit or call (02) 9286 0900.

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