Vision, outcomes and values

Our vision, outcomes and values guide our work to improve government and community services for the people of NSW.

Our Strategic Plan aims to put us in the best position to achieve our vision. To learn more about our work, see What we do.


Our vision expresses what we ultimately want to see in the world: that everyone receives the right services and fair treatment from those we oversight.

Our outcomes

Population and system level outcomes

Our vision can be unpacked into five population and system level outcomes that show what the achievement of our vision looks like:

Population Outcomes

  • Individuals get services and decisions from public authorities and community service providers that are lawful, reasonable and fair
  • Individuals affected by services or decisions of public authorities and community service providers that are not lawful, reasonable or fair have an effective remedy

System Outcomes

  • Public authorities and community service providers avoid unlawful, unreasonable or unfair services or decisions
  • Public authorities and community service providers are responsive to individuals who complain about a service or decision
  • Public authorities and community service providers are held to account for serious administrative wrongs

Ombudsman outcomes

Our vision is aspirational, and while we can contribute towards it, we have limited influence over whether it is realised.  For that reason, we focus our efforts on a set of Ombudsman outcomes that support the realisation of our vision, and that are more closely with our control:

  • Outcome 1: Complaints to us are resolved effectively and individuals are satisfied with our service
  • Outcome 2: Public authorities and community service providers are held to account for serious failures, unreasonable or wrong conduct
  • Outcome 3: Improvements in public administration and community service delivery occur as a result of our work
  • Outcome 4: Parliament gets support from us in the exercise of its functions

Read more about how we are working towards our vision in our Strategic Plan 2020-25.

Our values

Our values describe the core behavioural principles that we live by and apply to everything we do.


We are unfailingly ethical and honest. We apply to ourselves the same standards we demand of others.


We are impartial. We operate independently from government and act in a non-partisan manner. We work only in the public interest.


We treat everyone fairly, and demand that others do the same.


We communicate openly, giving reasons for our decisions. We report publicly whenever possible.


We achieve excellence through competence and diligence. We act with humility, courtesy and confidence.


We respect diversity and promote inclusivity, appreciating the range and worth of human difference.

Strategic plan

Our Strategic Plan 2020-25 , refreshed in February 2023, sets out our path for the 5 years leading to the 50th anniversary of the NSW Ombudsman’s office in 2025.