Complaints about custodial services

People in custody – like people in the community – have the right to complain about unfair treatment or the services they receive.

Find out how to make a complaint about:

What you can complain about

You can complain to us about:

  • Corrective Services NSW
  • private correctional centres, such as Junee, Parklea and Clarence
  • Youth Justice NSW
  • Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network
  • other NSW government agencies, including Revenue NSW and Department of Education.

Common complaints include:

  • not being treated properly or fairly
  • unreasonable decisions being made – for example, restricted visits or contact with family and friends
  • delays in receiving information or a service
  • not being able to access activities, programs or information
  • personal belongings being misplaced or lost when moving within or between centres
  • issues with daily routine, such as the amount of recreation time
  • assault or excessive use of force.

We cannot handle complaints about NSW Police. You need to contact the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission.

After you make a complaint

We will review all the information you give us to decide how to handle your complaint.

Read more about what we do with your complaint.

If you feel victimised for making a complaint – tell us. It's a criminal offence to take action against someone for making a complaint to us. We take this very seriously.

If you need help

We can help you make a complaint. We can support people with disability and Aboriginal peoples, and have information in easy English and other languages. Get help making a complaint.