Public interest disclosures awareness

It is important that everyone who is a public official under the PID Act knows about the PID Act, how to report serious wrongdoing and what will happen when they do. It is also important that senior staff within agencies understand their responsibilities under the PID Act. This page includes some video and written materials help raise awareness among public officials.

Awareness videos

Agencies have a duty under the PID Act to ensure all public officials are aware of how to make a PID, their agency’s PID policy and that they may be able to take further action if they are dissatisfied with how the PID has been dealt with.

We have 6 videos on different aspects of the PID Act to help raise awareness across the public sector. Agencies can share these videos amongst their staff to assist them to raise awareness of the PID Act.

Senior Executive webinar

In this webinar, aimed at heads of agencies and senior executives, Deputy NSW Ombudsman Louise Lazzarino and Deputy Secretary and General Counsel for The Cabinet Office, Kate Boyd, discuss some of the key elements of the PID Act.

Information sheet

This provides an overview of the PID Act, as well as a glossary of some of the key terms in the Act.

Download information sheet