Systemic work

We undertake a range of systemic activities, including projects, inquiries, and reviews, to examine major issues that affect people who are eligible to receive community services.

We identify significant issues through a range of means, including our contact with service receivers, their families, representatives, and advocates; our handling of complaints, investigations, and reviews of deaths; contact with Official Community Visitors; and our monitoring of the delivery of community services.

Our decisions as to the major issues we will examine through projects or other systemic work are informed by consideration of factors such as the vulnerability of the individuals; whether any changes are underway or planned; whether others are looking at the issues; and whether there are alternative options for addressing the concerns.

We report on our systemic work in a number of ways, including our annual report; our biennial report on reviewable deaths; other public reports; and, where appropriate, special reports to Parliament.

We also undertake a range of other activities to address systemic issues and improve outcomes for people accessing or eligible to receive community services, including:

  • submissions to Parliamentary and other inquiries into issues affecting service receivers
  • provision of feedback to FACS and other services on policies and practices
  • meetings with other regulatory agencies, including the Office of the Children’s Guardian and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission to discuss critical issues
  • meetings with relevant government and non-government agencies and services

Joint Ombudsman and FACS report card

Since 2015, FACS and the NSW Ombudsman have used an Integrated Governance Framework (IGF) to track FACS’s progress towards implementing systemic reforms and addressing discrete practice issues identified through the Ombudsman’s oversight. Over 25 discrete issues have since been addressed, with work continuing on a further 13 issues. To promote awareness of this work, FACS and the Ombudsman have agreed to issue an annual report card outlining:

  • key achievements
  • activities still underway
  • a snapshot of the broader FACS reforms aimed at addressing the efficiency and responsiveness of the child protection system.

Read the inaugural report card.

Training and workshops

We provide training courses and workshops that are specifically targeted at people with disability or community services. We also provide training to services and public sector agencies to improve their disability awareness.