Community & disability services

We handle inquiries and complaints about a range of community service providers and review the delivery of community services. We use information from inquiries and complaints to identify and investigate public interest issues.

Other significant work includes examining restoration support for children on short term care orders, and our work relating to the safety, health, welfare and rights of people living in licensed boarding houses.

The Ombudsman is the convenor of the Child Death Review Team and also supports the Official Community Visitors.

What can you complain about?

You can make a complaint about a provider of community services by speaking or writing to us if you believe that a service provider has acted unreasonably:

  • in the way they provide or manage a service to someone
  • not providing a service to someone
  • withdrawing or changing a service to someone, or
  • providing a service to someone that you believe should not be getting it.

What happens when you complain?

You should contact us and ask to speak to an investigation officer.

If you have not yet done so, the investigation officer may encourage you to talk directly to the service provider about your complaint. We can advise you about how to do this and what to say. The service provider will often work with you to solve the problem without you having to lodge a complaint with us.

Learn more about what happens when you complain

Our options for dealing with your complaint

Make inquiries

We may ask the agency or service provider to provide us with information about what has happened and what they have done to resolve the complaint.

Refer your complaint to the service provider for local resolution or investigation

We ask the service provider to sort out the problem with you and to report back to us about the solution and the outcome. You can contact us again if you are not satisfied with what the service provider does as a result of your complaint.

Learn more about our options for dealing with your complaint

Joint Ombudsman and FACS report card

Since 2015, FACS and the NSW Ombudsman have used an Integrated Governance Framework (IGF) to track FACS’s progress towards implementing systemic reforms and addressing discrete practice issues identified through the Ombudsman’s oversight. Over 25 discrete issues have since been addressed, with work continuing on a further 13 issues. To promote awareness of this work, FACS and the Ombudsman have agreed to issue an annual report card outlining:

  • key achievements
  • activities still underway
  • a snapshot of the broader FACS reforms aimed at addressing the efficiency and responsiveness of the child protection system.

Read the inaugural report card

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