Our work

Our office is responsible for the independent oversight and scrutiny of government agencies and some non-government organisations that provide services to the people of NSW.

Our traditional work is complaint handling, but we  have other functions relating to scrutinising systems, monitoring and reviewing community services. We also provide training and education to agencies.

To find out more about the different areas of our work, please see below.

Aboriginal Programs

In May 2014, legislation was passed to give the NSW Ombudsman an important new role to monitor and assess the delivery of designated Aboriginal programs in NSW, beginning with OCHRE – Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility, Empowerment – the NSW Government’s plan for Aboriginal affairs.
Learn more about our review of Aboriginal Programs

Community & disability services

We handle complaints about a range of community service providers and review the delivery of community services.
Learn more about community and disability services

Custodial services

People in custody, or offenders in the community, can complain to us about problems with Corrective Services NSW, the privately run correctional centres at Junee and Parklea, Justice Health, Juvenile Justice, or any other NSW government agency.
Learn more about custodial services

Disability reportable incidents

We oversight the actions of disability services to prevent and effectively respond to serious incidents involving people with disability living in supported group accommodation.
Learn more about disability reportable incidents

Local government

We handle complaints about the conduct of councillors, council employees and the administrative conduct of the council itself.
Learn more about local government

Public interest disclosures

We are responsible for promoting public awareness and understanding of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 and for monitoring its operation.
Learn more abut public interest disclosures

State government

We deal with complaints about NSW government agencies or employees.
Learn more about State government

State universities

We deal with complaints about all public universities in NSW.
Learn more about State universities

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