How we support people with disability

Rights Project for People with Disability

Family and Community Services (FACS) has funded us to deliver the Rights Project for People with Disability, a capacity-building project aimed at developing a practical framework that enables people with disability and their supporters to better understand and exercise their rights.

Our focus is on building the capacity of people with disability to understand and exercise their rights in the transition to the NDIS, across three main areas:

  • empowering people with disability to understand and exercise their rights
  • promoting accessible complaint systems and practices among NSW government agencies and disability service providers
  • strengthening systems to prevent, identify and respond to abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability.

We are developing a range of practical and targeted resources for people with disability in a variety of formats, including revising our Rights Stuff Toolkit to reflect the NDIS landscape, and developing tailored versions of the package for a variety of audiences.

Expert Forum Rights-based Resources

NSW Ombudsman

The Ombudsman is the independent and impartial watchdog for the NSW government and certain non-government agencies. Through his role, the Ombudsman:

  • provides an independent means of resolving complaints about the NSW public sector, including NSW Police Force and police officers, local councils, councillors and council staff, public trustee, disability services, residential services, home nursing and personal care services, community transport services
  • promotes compliance with community welfare legislation and the development of standards for the delivery of community services
  • encourages awareness of the rights and obligations of consumers and service providers under community welfare legislation
  • encourages the resolution of complaints by service providers, and the use of alternative dispute resolution to resolve complaints
  • provides training and resources to service providers and to the public
  • raises public interest issues with Parliament

The Ombudsman carries out his role under the Community Services (Complaints, Reviews & Monitoring) Act 1993 and the Ombudsman Act 1974.

The focus of the Ombudsman’s work in supporting people with a disability is in the community service sector. This includes any services provided by:

  • Community Services
  • Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC)
  • organisations that are funded, licensed or authorised by the Minister for Family and Community Services or the Minister for Ageing and Minister for Disability Services.

Community services that are covered include licensed boarding houses; disability day, support, respite and accommodation services; children’s services; early intervention; child protection and out of home care services (including foster care); refuges for young people, women, families and men; ageing and home and community care services; neighbourhood and family support services.