Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities are encapsulated in the NSW Ombudsman Strategic Plan: 2020-2025.

This document sets out our path for the next five years. It aims to put us in the best possible position to achieve our purpose and long-term mission. It will enable us to make our vision of the state of NSW a reality.

Our Vision

  • Everyone receives the right services and fair treatment from those we oversight.

Our vision expresses what we ultimately want to see in the world.

Our mission

  • To be a leader in complaint-handling, investigations, reviews, and public and community sector monitoring and assessment. We will be trusted by the public and by all of our stakeholders to hold the agencies we oversight to account and to make evidence-based recommendations that result in positive change.

Our mission is who we – the NSW Ombudsman’s Office – aspire to be.

Our Purpose

  • To protect citizens from abuse of power and unfair treatment
  • To foster enduring system-wide change that will prevent future failings and improve public administration and service delivery
  • To provide a trusted source of independent advice to the Parliament 

Our purpose is defined by the parliamentary Acts which create the organisation and give us powers and responsibilities. It is detailed in the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Outcomes

Our Strategic Outcomes for 2020-2025 are those results we particularly need to focus on attaining throughout the course of the next five years if we are to achieve our Purpose, and strive toward our Mission.

They are grouped around five themes, each with its own outcomes

Strategic ThemeOutcomes

Services and Impact

  • Consistent and best practice service provision and quality standards
  • High-quality evidence-based advice and recommendations, on issues that are important, timely and relevant, that lead to positive and practical change

Engagement and Relationships

  • The public, including the most vulnerable members of the community, understand our role, can access our services, and have trust and confidence that we will help
  • Agencies understand our role, have confidence in the fairness of our investigations and oversight, and respect us and our advice, because we understand them and their business and they know we will add value
  • Our status as an independent statutory oversight body supporting accountable and responsible government is reinvigorated through a stronger connection to Parliament

Leadership and Governance

  • Unified leadership and a clear strategy, supported by rigorous governance structures
  • Clarity of role and purpose, with a set of strategically aligned statutory functions that support efficient operations at a sustainable scale

People and Culture

  • An employer of choice whose workforce is diverse, highly engaged and capable, and bound together by shared values, purpose and culture

Systems and Processes

  • Modernised and continuously maintained ICT and support systems and processes that give our people the tools they need to perform at their best and improve the customer experience
  • Rigorous evaluation processes and performance metrics that keep us on track and drive continuous improvement

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