About us

Who we are

The NSW Ombudsman is independent and impartial.

We watch over most public sector and some private sector agencies in NSW. Our role is to make sure these agencies and their staff do their jobs properly and meet their responsibilities to the community. Learn more about who we are.

The current NSW Ombudsman is Paul Miller.

What we do

We help agencies within our jurisdiction address problems with their performance. These problems may be uncovered by complaints from the public or by people who work for those agencies. Problems may also come to our attention through our work in scrutinising agency systems, overseeing investigations or reviewing the delivery of services. Learn more about what we do.

Our legislation

Our jurisdiction and our functions are prescribed by a range of legislation, including the Ombudsman Act 1974. Learn more our legislation.

Agreements with agencies

We have agreements with other government agencies that cover issues such as how we handle complaints and share information. Learn more agreements with agencies.

Parliamentary Committee

We are accountable to the people of New South Wales for our work. A Parliamentary Committee formally scrutinises what we do. Its role is to review our performance generally, and to examine our reports to Parliament on matters relating to our functions, including our annual report. We appear before the Committee once a year to answer their questions.

The Committee does not have the power to investigate particular conduct, to make us investigate particular conduct, or to reconsider the decisions, findings or recommendations that we make about particular complaints or investigations. Learn more about Parliamentary Committee.

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