Meet our facilitators

All our workshops are delivered by an passionate team of facilitators with years of experience in the public and community sectors. This real-world expertise enables them to deliver authentic and interactive training that reflects the realities of learners’ professional experiences.

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And our learners are happy – of those surveyed in 2019-2020:

  • 97% rated our trainers as excellent or good.
  • 97% rated the training content as excellent or good
  • 97% agreed that they could implement what they had learnt in their workplace.

Expertise that can be tailored to your needs

All our facilitators have specialist expertise in different areas of public sector and community service delivery. When you book an in-house workshop with us, we can match you with a trainer whose expertise is relevant to your learning goals.

Meet our facilitators

Gary Dawson

Gary is a senior facilitator with the NSW Ombudsman. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a caseworker, investigator and manager in the community and disability services and education sectors. Gary has held various roles with the NSW Ombudsman since 2002 and specialises in the design and delivery of complaint-handling and investigations curriculum.

Facilitation expertise: Complaint handling, investigations and administrative law

Don Sword

Don is a complaint-handling specialist at the NSW Ombudsman and an advocate for people experiencing homelessness in Sydney. He teaches law and ethics at the Sydney Institute of TAFE. Among his many appointments, Don is a member of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Guardianship Division), the NSW State Parole Authority, and the Review Committee of the NSW Legal Aid Commission. This diverse experience has given him an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of working in the NSW public and community sectors.

Facilitation expertise: Complaint handling

Jennifer Leslie

Jennifer brings a background in the community services sector to her work with the NSW Ombudsman. An expert coach and facilitator, she has particular expertise in the disability services space with a focus on the rollout of the NDIS. Jennifer has more than 40 years’ experience leading, managing and facilitating change and growth among individuals and teams.

Facilitation expertise: Complaint handling

Paddy Coombes

Paddy is a highly experienced facilitator with the NSW Ombudsman. She brings specialist experience in mental health, child protection, NSW Health and the community justice and corrections settings to her work as a facilitator. Having worked in a range of social work, psychology, management and adult education roles, she has developed high-level conflict management and communication expertise that directly inform her facilitation approach.

Facilitation expertise: Complaint handling

Chris Wheeler

Chris is a former Deputy NSW Ombudsman and a recipient of the Public Service Medal. He has extensive experience in state and local government in both NSW and Victoria, along with qualifications in law and town planning. A complaint-handling specialist, Chris has contributed to major NSW Ombudsman initiatives, including the whole-of-government complaint handling improvement project, the Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct project, and the Ombudsman’s public interest disclosure function.

Facilitation expertise: Complaint handling, investigations and administrative law

Laurel Russ

Laurel is a proud Ngarinyin woman from the Kimberley and a recipient of the 2019 Public Service Medal. A former solicitor with the Legal Aid Commission, she joined the NSW Ombudsman in 1997. Laurel played a key role in establishing the agency’s Aboriginal Complaints Unit, which she went on to manage for 20 years. She is an expert in access and equity issues with particular expertise in complaint handling for Aboriginal people and communities.

Facilitation expertise: Access and equity

Sandra Duke

Sandra is a public interest disclosures (PID) specialist with more than 10 years’ experience as a facilitator and educator for the NSW Ombudsman. She was instrumental in establishing the PID Unit within the Ombudsman’s office and developing the Ombudsman’s PID e-learning modules and in-person training packages. Sandra has delivered PID training to state and local public authorities across NSW.

Facilitation expertise: Public interest disclosures

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