Complaint handling training

We offer a number of workshops to help increase your understanding of the complaint handling process and develop skills and strategies to effectively deal with complaints and resolve issues.

Complaint handling and training workshops specifically tailored for community and disability services are also available in-house.

We currently offer the following workshops:

Effective complaint management systems

This workshop provides an overview of the essential elements of an effective system for managing complaints.

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Frontline complaint handling

This workshop provides you with the necessary skills and strategies to respond to complaints from clients and customers confidently, effectively and efficiently. You will be given a model for dealing with complaints, examining different types of complainant behaviour and overcoming personal and organisational barriers to making and resolving complaints.

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Managing unreasonable conduct by complainants

Unreasonable conduct by complainants can take up an inordinate amount of an agency’s time and resources. This one-day workshop provides specific strategies and skills to effectively and confidently manage unreasonable conduct by complainants.

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