We cannot handle complaints about

Our legislation limits what matters we can deal with.

For example, we are excluded from investigating conduct related to:

  • the governor, parliament, ministers and Members of Parliament
  • NSW Police Force or a member of the NSW Police Force
  • individual employment related issues
  • courts or court like bodies
  • trusts and investment funds
  • legal advisors acting for public authorities
  • ICAC, Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, Casino Control Authority, Legal Services Commissioner
  • royal commissions

Section 12(1) and Schedule 1 to the Ombudsman Act 1974 lists all excluded conduct and bodies under the Act.

We also cannot handle complaints about:

  • electricity and gas retailers
  • telephone/mobile and internet companies
  • banks and finance companies
  • commonwealth government agencies
  • insurance companies
  • private businesses and companies

For these issues or complaints, please follow the link to our Other complaint-handling agencies