What you can complain about to us

Our complaint handling work is aimed at exposing and eliminating conduct that is illegal, unreasonable, unjust or oppressive, improperly discriminatory, based on improper or irrelevant grounds, based on a mistake of law or fact, or otherwise wrong.

We handle complaints about:

NSW State government departments and authorities such as:

  • NSW government and statutory bodies – including the Department of Education and Communities, Fair Trading, Housing NSW, NSW Trustee and Guardian, Office of Environment and Heritage, State Debt Recovery Office, Roads and Maritime Services, Board of Studies NSW, the Rental Bond Board
  • State owned corporations including RailCorp, Landcom and First State Super Trustee Corporation
  • State universities

Local councils, councillors and council staff - we can look at the conduct of councillors and council employees and the administrative conduct of the council itself.

Custodial services: Corrective Services NSW, Justice Health and the Department of Juvenile Justice, and also take complaints about private correctional centres, such as Junee and Parklea.

Community service providers - including child protection and related support services provided by Family & Community Services, disability services, home and community care services, out-of-home care services for children and young people, and supported accommodation and assistance program services.

Public interest disclosures (PID) - We are responsible for promoting public awareness and understanding of the PID Act and monitoring its operation. We provide advice and guidance to public sector staff who are thinking about reporting serious wrongdoing.

Child protection matters - We handle complaints about the way government and certain non-government agencies, such as independent schools, have investigated allegations of a child protection nature against their employees, and as well as how they handle knowledge that an employee has been convicted of an offence involving child abuse.

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