What should I include in my complaint

It is important that you briefly explain your concerns in your own words.

You need to provide enough information to support your complaint to allow us to make an assessment and decide on the most appropriate response. When writing your complaint, think about the following:

  • What happened? Where did the events take place? When (time and date)? Who was involved?
  • Were there any witnesses to these events? Have you included their details?
  • Do you have any correspondence or documents (e.g. medical evidence, photographs) that may be relevant? If so, you should send a copy with your complaint.
  • Have you already taken any action to try to resolve your complaint?
  • What do you think would resolve your complaint?

How do I make a complaint?

If you decide to make a complaint, you can use our online complaint form. If you are unsure or have difficulty writing, call us first to discuss your complaint. We can also arrange for translation and interpreter services.