Customer Feedback Survey

From January 2023, we will be asking people who made a complaint to us to take part in a customer feedback survey. We will use the feedback to help us improve our services.

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  • The process
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We have engaged an independent research firm EY Sweeney to survey people who made a complaint to our office.

The purpose of the survey is to improve the quality of:

  • the services we provide
  • our communication with customers
  • our processes and decision making.

How you can help

Any feedback you can provide on your experience is important.

We will be inviting complainants to complete a survey after we have finished dealing with your complaint.

We would like as many people to participate as possible.

Your individual survey results are confidential and anonymous.

Opting out

You do not have to participate - it is entirely voluntary.

If you do not wish to be contacted about the survey, you can notify our staff member, who will record this on your complaint file. You can opt out when making a complaint online by unchecking the checkbox under Feedback about our service.

The information provided to EY Sweeney is for the sole purpose of inviting you to participate in the survey. This includes:

  • your name
  • telephone number
  • email.

We will not provide EY Sweeney with specific information about your complaint.

The process

Once we have closed your complaint, EY Sweeney may contact you about participating in a customer feedback survey. You can tell EY Sweeney if you don’t want to participate.

The survey will help identify areas where our service was helpful or could be improved.

The customer feedback survey results will be collated and sent back to the Ombudsman’s office. The results do not identify any individuals.

Privacy policy

How EY Sweeney and the Ombudsman manage personal information: