PID Act 2022 for NSWALC and LALCs

What’s on this page?

This page contains information to assist the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) and Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) to understand the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 (PID Act).

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 (PID Act) creates the system in NSW for the reporting of serious wrongdoing in the public sector. The Act covers NSWALC and all LALCs in NSW.

Under the PID Act, the following people are considered “public officials”:

  • staff and councillors of NSWALC
  • staff, voting members and board members of LALCs, and
  • volunteers, contractors and subcontractors who provide services, or exercise functions on behalf of NSWALC and LALCs.

When public officials report serious wrongdoing, they have protections under the PID Act from detrimental action (such as from bullying and harassment).

Under the PID Act, NSWALC and LALCs are agencies.

Agencies are responsible for:

  • facilitating the making of PIDs
  • deciding how a PID should be dealt with
  • supporting a speak up culture
  • ensuring PID makers are supported and protected
  • reporting information on PIDs received to the NSW Ombudsman, and
  • ensuring that CEOs, managers and supervisors, as well as disclosure officers in NSWALC or LALCs are trained appropriately.

What is a speak up culture?

A speak up culture is about NSWALC and LALC community members encouraging and empowering people to say something when they see serious wrongdoing that is harmful to the community, and feeling safe to do so.

Having a strong speak up culture encourages board, voting and staff members of LALCs, as well as staff of NSWALC, to take action, speak up and report serious wrongdoing.

Support available for NSWALC and LALCs

Guidelines and Model policy

The NSW Ombudsman has published guidelines on the PID Act to help agencies and their staff handle public interest disclosures and meet their obligations under the PID Act. These guidelines include the ‘Developing your PID policy guideline’, which provides a model policy for all agencies to use and adapt, if they wish.

Resources for NSWALC and LALCs

There are a range of resources available to help you to understand and meet your obligations and responsibilities under the PID Act.

Talk to us! Training and advice

Have a question? The PID ALC Engagement Team are available to meet with NSWALC or LALC staff to talk about the PID Act or provide tailored assistance or training. Please reach out to discuss potential opportunities.

PID ALC Engagement team: