Custodial services

People in custody, or offenders in the community, can complain to us about problems with Corrective Services NSW, the privately run correctional centres at Junee, Parklea and Clarence, Justice Health, Youth Justice - or most other NSW government agency.

The staff in our Detention and Custody Team understand the operational aspects of the correctional and youth justice systems and have experience in working with the unique and complex environments they present. Our team is assisted by other Ombudsman staff on our extensive program of visits to correctional centres and youth justice centres.

People in custody can always contact us by telephone or in writing to make a complaint, but we also travel across the state to visit both adult correctional centres and youth justice centres to take complaints, speak with staff, resolve issues and observe conditions and routines.

Our visits to centres give people in custody an opportunity to raise any concerns directly with our staff about government or many community services. During our visits we also speak with senior managers, observe the conditions and amenities in the centres and check paperwork. Many of the complaints and concerns we receive on a visit are quickly handled before we leave the centre

Both adults and young people in custody can call us for free from the phones in their centres and these calls cannot be monitored by Corrective Services NSW or Youth Justice NSW staff.

Adults in custody:        Enter your PIN, Enter your MIN, dial #2 and then dial #8

Young people in custody:  We are number 01 on the list of free numbers on your phones

The links below provide more specific information about making complaints – what we can and can’t do and details about some other ways of raising concerns and complaints about custody and community supervision.

Corrective Services

Juvenile Justice

Families or visitors

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