Disability reportable incidents forms and guidelines

To assist FACS and funded providers in determining whether a notification must be made to the NSW Ombudsman of a disability reportable incident, read the  Guide for services: Reportable incidents in disability supported group accommodation.


If you need to make a notification to the NSW Ombudsman about a disability reportable incident, complete the following form.

Form A must be completed as soon as practicable (but within 30 days) of the head of agency becoming aware of a reportable incident.

Form B must be completed once the agency has completed its investigation into the reportable incident and has finalised a risk management response.

Form C if we advised you that there would be ‘No Ongoing Ombudsman Oversight’ of the matter/s you notified to us, please complete the relevant form C below.


Disability reportable incidents guidelines and resource are available on our website. Learn more


For further information about the obligation to notify the NSW Ombudsman of reportable incidents  contact our Disability Reportable Incidents Division or call our inquiry line on 02 9286 0907.

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