Disability reportable incidents forms and guidelines

To assist you in determining whether a notification must be made to the NSW Ombudsman of a reportable incident, read the Guide for services: Reportable incidents in disability supported group accommodation.

If you need to make a notification to the NSW Ombudsman about a reportable incident complete the following form.

Form A must be completed as soon as practicable (but within 30 days) of the head of agency becoming aware of a reportable incident.

Form B must be completed once the agency has completed its investigation into the reportable incident and has finalised a risk management response.

Form C if we advised you that there would be ‘No Ongoing Ombudsman Oversight’ of the matter/s you notified to us, please complete the relevant form C below.

For further information about the obligation to notify the NSW Ombudsman of reportable incidents contact our Disability Reportable Incidents Division.

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