Agreements with agencies

Under our legislation, we can enter into arrangements with other agencies about a range of matters, including complaint handling, sharing of information and referral of complaints. Our legislation also allows us to negotiate formal agreements with some agencies about how contact with our office will be managed. These agreements are publicly available and can be obtained by contacting our office.

We categorise these arrangements as follows:

Class and kind agreements

We enter into class or kind determinations with certain agencies in relation to the employment related child protection scheme and the disability reportable incidents scheme when we are satisfied that their investigative practices have reached an acceptable standard and we are confident that this standard will be maintained.

Memorandum of understanding

We negotiate a memorandum of understanding with an agency to either ensure clarity of roles in circumstances where we may have overlapping jurisdiction or to document procedures to be followed by an agency when responding to our informal investigations and inquiries. A memorandum of understanding can be negotiated under legislative provisions or at our discretion.

Information sharing and complaint referral arrangements

From time to time we may need to disclose information that we receive during the course of our work to another agency. We have a formal agreement with those relevant agencies that provides for the circumstances in which we can disclose information.

Occasionally, we may receive complaints that are either outside our jurisdiction or would be better managed by another complaint-handling agency. We have formal agreements with those relevant agencies that set out the circumstances where we can refer such complaints.

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