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Our mandate is to improve the conduct and decision-making of agencies within our jurisdiction. Traditionally, we fulfilled this role by responding to complaints and oversighting investigations - recommending improvements to the way agencies perform in relation to both individual matters and broader issues.

We also oversee the handling of child abuse allegations and convictions by persons and agencies within jurisdiction and the systems for handling and responding to reportable incidents involving people with disability who live in supported group accommodation.

We review the delivery of community services and the causes and patterns of deaths of certain children and of people with a disability in care and also audit complaint handling systems of NSW agencies and community service providers.

We have an important role in promoting public awareness and understanding of public interest disclosures and monitoring its operation. We provide advice and guidance to public sector workers who are thinking about reporting serious wrongdoing, as well as providing assistance, guidance, resources and training to public authorities responsible for managing and responding to public interest disclosures.

The main functions of the NSW Ombudsman are to:

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