Our Aboriginal Unit

Our Aboriginal Unit is part of our Strategic Projects Division, a multidisciplinary team responsible for reviewing whole-of-government service delivery. The work of this unit, has enabled us to establish and strengthen close links with Aboriginal communities, their leaders and with the frontline agencies and services that work with them.

Our work with Aboriginal communities involves looking at practical strategies to tackle major issues that impact on the wellbeing of Aboriginal people. Our Aboriginal Unit works closely with investigators in each of our business divisions to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people receive quality services.  

Our Aboriginal Unit staff and other senior managers meet regularly with local service providers, agencies and communities to help identify ways to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people in their area.  

Types of work our Aboriginal Unit are involved in include:

  • Complaint handling – our unit provides support and assistance to Aboriginal people about making a complaint - especially in relation to community services, housing, disability and Aboriginal agencies such as land councils (local and state), Aboriginal Housing Office and Registrar Aboriginal Land Rights Act.
  • Regularly liaise with community agencies and peak bodies about issues affecting Aboriginal people. This helps to inform the work that we do and improve outcomes for Aboriginal people.
  • Work with agencies on systemic issues affecting Aboriginal communities. If our audits, inquiries or oversight work raise serious concerns we may report to Parliament.
  • Conduct presentations and information sessions to agencies and communities working with Aboriginal people about the NSW Ombudsman, making a complaint and our systemic work.
  • Visit correctional centres and juvenile justice centres and take complaints from people in detention and assist with any issues and concerns raised.
  • Provide Aboriginal Cultural Appreciation training for staff of government and non-government agencies.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact a member of the NSW Ombudsman Aboriginal Unit on 02 9286 1000 or toll free (outside Sydney metro) 1800 451 524 or email AU@ombo.nsw.gov.au