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At the NSW Ombudsman we have worked hard to deliver you the best of online and in-person learning. We have several delivery modes that we deploy across our workshops. Our core complaint-handling workshops now use a blended-learning approach.

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Blended learning

Our core complaint-handling workshops (Fundamentals of complaint handling and Managing unreasonable conduct by complainants) use a blended learning approach that combines self-directed online study with real-time, facilitator-led instruction. Course content balances theory with real-world practical examples that you are likely to experience in your day-to-day work.

We have structured these blended-learning workshops as follows:

  1. Online learning (pre-workshop)
    Each workshop begins with a self-directed online learning module via the Ombudsman’s Learnbook learning management system. This module contains key theoretical content that forms the foundation of the facilitator-led workshop.
  2. Facilitator-led learning (workshop)
    After completing the online learning module, you will attend a facilitator-led workshop, either online or in person. You will explore case studies and other real-world examples to bring your learning to life.
  3. Additional online learning (post-workshop – optional)
    If you attend a Managing unreasonable conduct by a complainant workshop, you will need to complete one or more post-learning modules as part of your workshop program. An optional in-person training module focused on complaint-handling policies is also available on request.

Because we have structured the course curriculum around a blended learning mode, we cannot offer these workshops in any other delivery mode (e.g. facilator-led only).

Facilitator-led workshops

Our Public interest disclosure and specialist complaint-handling workshops are facilitator-led only. In this more traditional delivery model, one of our expert facilitators will deliver either in-person or remote training. These workshops' duration can range from 90 minutes to multi-day.

Open or in-house workshops

You can enrol in a workshop as an individual or with colleagues. We offer the following workshop types:

  • Open workshops, which you can attend as an individual or team. You will work alongside learners from a range of agencies and organisations to complete an established curriculum. Many of our training clients use our open workshops to book training for smaller teams.
  • In-house workshops, which are offered to entire teams from a single organisation or agency. The facilitator-led components of these workshops can be customised to meet specific learning goals. They can be held at your workplace or online.

To book an open workshop, you can see upcoming dates and book workshops on individual course pages (note: only our core complaint-handling and PID workshops can be booked as open workshops).

To find out more about the benefits of in-house training, get in touch with us:

  • Email the community and education training team
  • Call us: 02 9286  0900

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