Why learn with the NSW Ombudsman?

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We are the experts in complaint handling and public interest disclosure training for the public and community sectors. We are also renowned for our training services in the areas of access and equity, and investigations.

Training with purpose

By supporting our clients to improve their services, our training services make a meaningful contribution to the public good.

Here’s why you should train with us:

  • We deliver flexible, accessible, online and in-person learning opportunities that can be tailored to meet the needs of your team or department.
  • Our facilitators are highly experienced and passionate about what they do. All have years of experience in the public and community services sectors.
  • We regularly update our curriculum to reflect best-practice approaches, emerging evidence and evolving legislative requirements.
  • We develop and manage a wealth of evidence-based training resources, including fact sheets and complaint-handling manuals to supplement our workshops.
  • We train clients from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, as well as other ombudsmen, interstate agencies and oversight bodies.
  • Our clients are happy. 97% of  clients surveyed in 2019-2020 would recommend our training to others.

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