Investigation training

We have a number of workshops tailored for both government and non-government agencies that cover the key components of conducting investigations in the workplace and an agency’s obligations. Topics covered include:

We currently offer the following workshops:

Administrative law in the public sector

This half-day workshop explores the key administrative law principles and their application in the public sector. It is designed to provide you with an understanding of the essential components of administrative conduct and their relevance to decision-making and conducting investigations.

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Handling serious child protection allegations against employees

This workshop provides specialist advice and practical tips to help you deal with some of the more complex challenges associated with handling serious allegations against employees that may involve a criminal element. This workshop is delivered by the Community and Disability Services Commissioner (Deputy Ombudsman), Steve Kinmond.

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Handling serious incidents in the disability sector

This workshop focuses on how to handle serious incidents of abuse and neglect that may arise in a disability service setting. It provides practical advice to help you deal with some of the more complex challenges associated with handling serious incidents, including allegations that may involve a criminal element.

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Investigating misconduct in the public sector

This two-day workshop covers the essential elements of responding to allegations of misconduct in the NSW public sector.

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Public interest disclosures management training

This workshop provides an overview of the obligations of NSW public authorities under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994. It covers the why, what, how and who of public interest disclosures as well as the responsibilities of the nominated officers and agency executives. The workshop discusses strategies for managing parties involved in the disclosures and outlines the role of the NSW Ombudsman.

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