Employment-related child protection training

This training is targeted at agencies with obligations relating to reportable conduct under Part 3A of the Ombudsman Act. This includes public and private sector agencies providing services for children, government and non-government schools, child care centres, and agencies providing substitute residential care.

Our workshops are designed to help agencies develop the knowledge and skills required to properly investigate reportable child protection allegations against their employees.

We currently offer the following workshops:

Identifying and reporting allegations of workplace child abuse - free information session - Health sector

This free information session provides an overview of the employment-related child protection scheme in NSW and the role of the NSW Ombudsman.

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Responding to child protection allegations against employees

This workshop provides an overview of the obligations of employers under the Ombudsman Act. It covers how employers should respond to child protection allegations made against their employees as well as the steps in the investigation process, risk assessment and management.

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