Managing unreasonable conduct by a complainant


Unreasonable conduct by complainants can take up substantial time and resources in your workplace. This workshop is designed to help you identify and manage unreasonable conduct, deliver effective prevention and resolution policies and strategies, and support staff members and colleagues impacted by complainant behaviour.

Who should attend?

This course is for supervisors and managers responsible for setting complaint handling policy and strategy. Junior or frontline service staff who engage with unreasonable complainants should complete Fundamentals of Complaint Handling before enrolling in this course.

Course content

As a student of this course, you will learn to:

  • define the characteristics and impacts of unreasonable conduct
  • consider why some complainants behave unreasonably
  • identify the warning signs, escalations and safeguards of unreasonable conduct
  • implement key strategies to prevent unreasonable conduct
  • identify and apply key strategies, principles and policies to manage the conduct
  • reflect on your personal and organisational experiences of unreasonable conduct
  • use and apply the key strategies outlined in the UCC Manual
  • use and apply the NSW Ombudsman’s Model Policy in your workplace.

We have based this content on strategies developed as part of a joint project by the nine Australasian Parliamentary Ombudsman offices.

Course structure

This course uses a blended-learning approach, comprising of two mandatory modules, and a facilitator-led workshop.

  • online learning (pre- and post-workshop): the two mandatory self-directed online modules will equip you with the theoretical foundations to identify key strategies to effectively respond to and manage unreasonable conduct. In addition you are encouraged to add a question or comment in the Forum for your facilitator and peers.
  • facilitator-led workshop: the workshop will bring your learning to life though case studies and real-world examples that relate to your professional experience.

An additional facilitator-led workshop targeted at supervisors and managers focused on designing, adapting and implementing workplace UCC policies is also available on request. Please contact our team


In addition to attending the half-day workshop, you will also gain access to the NSW Ombudsman’s Learnbook online learning platform and a range of high-quality resources.

These include:

  • online discussion forums with facilitators and other participants
  • pre- and post-workshop online learning modules
  • supplementary resources, including a detailed manual and other handouts.

Course details

Duration: This course is comprised of between 6–8 hours of study, including 2 hours of online learning and a half-day workshop (4 hours). An optional in-person workshop for policy writers and managers can also be added to the course (additional 2 hours).

Cost:  $499 + GST

Community service providers and NFP organisations are eligible for a 20% discount on the full fee, this is equal to ($399+GST).

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