Managing unreasonable conduct by complainants

Unreasonable conduct by complainants can take up an inordinate amount of an agency’s time and resources. This one-day workshop provides you with specific strategies and skills to effectively and confidently manage unreasonable conduct by complainants (UCC).

This training is based on strategies developed as part of a joint project by the nine Australasian Parliamentary Ombudsman offices.

In this workshop, we look at:

  • your examples of UCC
  • managing expectations
  • strategies for managing UCC
  • key messages for complainants/clients/staff
  • ways to support staff in implementing UCC strategies
  • staff health and safety considerations.

Who should attend

Staff who come into contact with, or respond to, complainants or customers who display unreasonable conduct. This workshop is also recommended for supervisors and senior management responsible for setting complaint handling policies.

In some cases, we recommend that participants first complete our Frontline complaint handling workshop – as it does provide strategies and skills for managing challenging complainant behaviour. Please contact our community education and training unit if you are unsure about which workshop will best meet your needs.

Learning outcomes

This training will help you to:

  • explain the reasons why it is important to effectively manage UCC
  • appropriately categorise examples of UCC
  • identify the most appropriate management principles  to apply to UCC
  • outline strategies for responding to the anti-social use of social media and the internet
  • implement key strategies for preventing UCC
  • become familiar with the purpose and contents of the UCC model policy
  • apply various strategies designed to reduce and/or resolve conflict.


This is a one-day workshop from 9.30am-4.30pm.


$400.00 + GST (total cost $440)

This workshop is available on our training calendar as well as in-house. Email or contact us for in-house training details and fees or to discuss your training needs. Register for workshop or event


There are currently no events for this workshop.

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