Community Education, Events and Forums

Our community education activities increase access to our services, raise awareness about the work we do, and help us identify issues that are important to the public. These community activities include:

  • conducting outreach, stakeholder and other forums
  • delivering information sessions for specific groups
  • giving presentations at conferences, seminars and meetings
  • providing information at community events.

In addition to these activities and the liaison and consultation work our staff do during projects and investigations, we have dedicated units and positions within our office that focus on working directly with the community. These include our Aboriginal Unit, our Youth Liaison Officer, and specialists in the disability areas.

COVID-19 impact

Our participation at in-person community events is greatly reduced due to COVID-19. However, we are just starting to get back into communities, while also attending virtual events. Please get in touch as per the advice below.

Out in the community

We participate in a range of community events, festivals and conferences. We also work with other government agencies and service providers at events that provide a one-stop shop for communities – giving people the opportunity to raise a wide range of questions and concerns about government services.

See our training and events calendar for more information about upcoming activities and events we will be at, or contact us if you would like to invite us to attend an event.

Information sessions and presentations

We offer brief general information sessions for community groups that focus on the roles and functions of the Ombudsman. We can also provide information sessions on specific areas of our work – such as the Ombudsman's role in community services, disability reportable incidents, employment-related child protection and our work with Aboriginal communities.

Resources and guidelines

Our community education program also produces a range of guidelines and accessible resources to help agencies and the public.
Learn more about our resources and guidelines.

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