Archived news

Public housing failures in meeting the needs of tenants with disability

29 Jul 2022

NSW Ombudsman Paul Miller has called for significant improvements to be made to the delivery of public housing disability modifications. His report to Parliament tells the story of 3 public housing tenants who requested reasonable disability modifications to make their homes safe for them.

Insufficient action to implement strip search safeguards for children and young people in detention

13 May 2022

A report of the NSW Ombudsman, Paul Miller, has been tabled in Parliament today (Strip searches in youth detention: a follow-up report under section 27 of the Ombudsman Act 1974) calling on the Government to explain why it has not implemented his recommendations to enact safeguards for the strip searching of children and young people by prison officers.

The Ombudsman’s jurisdiction to investigate when there are related court proceedings

04 May 2022

The report relates to a provision of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Family is Culture) Bill 2022, which proposes an amendment to the Ombudsman Act. The amendment concerns the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction to investigate complaints in circumstances where there may be related court proceedings. The Bill is currently before the Legislative Assembly, having previously passed the Legislative Council.

Monitoring whistleblowing in NSW depends on good reporting and compliance

13 Dec 2021

A NSW Ombudsman’s report on public sector whistleblowing shows that investigating agencies (which include the ICAC, the Ombudsman and the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission) received almost a thousand (964) public interest disclosures (PIDs) in the 2020-21 financial year.

Greater transparency needed for NSW Government’s use of machine technology in decision-making

29 Nov 2021

NSW Ombudsman Paul Miller has called for greater visibility of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other machine technology by NSW Government agencies.

In a report tabled in Parliament this morning, the Ombudsman has cautioned agencies that using machine technology in ways that do not accord with standards of lawfulness, transparency, fairness and accountability, could lead to findings of maladministration or potentially unlawful conduct.

The NSW Ombudsman’s Office Annual Report: 2020-21 has been tabled in Parliament today

26 Oct 2021

The report, tabled by NSW Ombudsman Paul Miller, discusses the 24,733 contacts received by the office, including detailed data and general observations about 13,315 actionable complaints. Together, these provide a picture of the issues faced by NSW citizens receiving services from NSW Government agencies, statutory bodies and certain community-service providers, including the government’s response to COVID-19.