Poster - Got a complaint? (Aboriginal theme) [PDF 199.5KB]

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ISBN 978-1-921884-98-6
Category Brochures
Publication Date 27 July 2006


This poster was produced as part of the promotional material that aims to raise awareness of the role and function of NSW Ombudsman to Aboriginal communities. The painting is called 'The offering'. The footprints represent Ombudsman staff coming out to meet with the Aboriginal community. The circle is the 'meeting place' or 'fire', and represents the place for conciliation. The three 'seats' at the centre of the painting represent the Aboriginal community, government agencies and the Ombudsman. The three animals are offerings from each of the parties and represent what each party can trade. The pathways depict different options.The artist Nathan Peckham is a young Aboriginal artist from Dubbo and a direct descendant from the Tubbah Gah clan of the Wiradjuri Nation.

[PDF, 199.5KB]

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