Reports of the NSW Child Death Review Team

22 Nov 2016

On Tuesday 22 November 2016, the Acting NSW Ombudsman, Professor John McMillan, tabled two reports of the NSW Child Death Review Team (CDRT).

‘The death of any child is a profound loss, both to the child’s family and to our broader community’, said Professor McMillan. ‘By issuing these reports, we aim to share what we have learnt from our reviews and research in order to prevent, to the degree possible, other children dying.’

  1. The Child death review report 2015 is the twentieth annual report of the CDRT. It examines the deaths of 504 children aged from birth to 17 years that occurred in New South Wales in 2015 and contributing factors and risks identified in those reviews. The report makes recommendations for policy and legislative change to prevent sudden unexpected deaths of infants, drowning deaths, deaths of children in quad bike crashes and deaths by suicide.
  1. Child deaths from vaccine preventable infectious diseases, NSW 2009–2014 is a report of research by the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS). The CDRT commissioned the NCIRS to undertake a systematic review of the deaths of children from vaccine preventable infectious diseases over a 10 year period. The report concludes that 23 of 54 cases where the confirmed or probable cause of a child’s death was a disease for which a vaccine is currently provided by the National Immunisation Program were preventable or potentially preventable by vaccination. Influenza and meningococcal were the most common causes of preventable or potentially preventable deaths.

Both reports are published on the website of the NSW Ombudsman, along with a fact sheet summarising key facts from the Child death review report 2015.

The NSW Ombudsman is convenor of the CDRT. The CDRT’s members are experts in child health, child protection and related areas, along with senior representatives of key government agencies.

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