Ombudsman frontline staff unavailable

10 Aug 2017

Thursday 10 August and Friday 11 August
Thursday 24 August and Friday 25 August
Thursday 7 September

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Our frontline staff includes our staff who handle inquiries about state government agencies and local councils, correctional and juvenile justice centres and community and disability service providers.

Note that this does not affect anyone needing to speak with their case officer about an open complaint.

It is important that our staff receive training to maintain the quality of our service. On very rare occasions this results in us having to close our frontline areas.

We usually expect complainants to try to resolve issues with the agency first. We also normally require complaints to be in writing. However, our frontline staff do at times assist people we assess as being in urgent need. If you believe your matter fits this category then you can call for an assessment. Please understand that our capacity to take action is reduced and we will only take action where we believe it is necessary.

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