Child mortality rates decline for NSW, but variation still seen across areas

12 Apr 2018

The NSW Ombudsman and Convenor of the NSW Child Death Review Team, Mr Michael Barnes, today tabled a report in the NSW Parliament on the ‘Spatial analysis of child deaths in New South Wales’.

The report, prepared by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare for the NSW Child Death Review Team, focuses on two key issues—the geographic distribution of child deaths across NSW, and how the risk of death varies by area-level characteristics.

The report covers the 15 years between 2001 and 2015 and 8,657 children who died over that period.

The report is a first step in examining the geographic distribution of child deaths in NSW, and some of the area characteristics associated with that variation. Identifying geographic areas with high numbers of child deaths and high child mortality rates can highlight opportunities for targeted intervention.

Read the report.
Read the media release.

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