Joint Protocol training videos

13 Mar 2018

The Joint Protocol to reduce the contact of people with disability in supported accommodation with the criminal justice system aims to reduce unnecessary contact with the Police in relation to incidents that would be better managed within the disability accommodation service, and to improve relationships and communication between local police and disability services.

We have developed two short videos to make it as easy as possible for disability support workers and managers to quickly understand the Joint Protocol and what they need to do:

Correcting the record: Investigation into water compliance and enforcement 2007-17

08 Mar 2018

The NSW Ombudsman, Michael Barnes, tabled a report in Parliament today to correct the public record in relation to the enforcement statistics published in the former Acting Ombudsman’s November 2017 special report to Parliament (the November report).

Read the report.
Read the media release.

NSW Ombudsman project to look at the transfer process for people with disability in ADHC accommodation who have complex support needs

20 Feb 2018

The NSW Ombudsman is undertaking a project to look at the transfer process for people with disability in ADHC accommodation who have complex support needs. The aim of the project is to identify at an early point any significant issues that may affect the residents and provide oversight and advice to address these issues during the transfer process.

Read our fact sheet for more information.

Ombudsman warns of danger posed to people with disabilities left in vehicles

17 Jan 2018

The public should be alert to vulnerable people with disabilities being left in cars in heat waves, the Ombudsman Michael Barnes sent out a media release today, ahead of extreme temperatures predicted for the weekend.

Read media release.

Office Christmas closure

13 Dec 2017

Our office will be closed from 1pm Friday 22 December 2017 and will reopen in the new year on Monday 8 January 2018.

Oversight of the Public Interest Disclosures Act

22 Nov 2017

The Acting NSW Ombudsman, Professor John McMillan, tabled in Parliament his annual report on his oversight of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (PID Act).

The focus of this year’s annual report is the operational challenges faced by public authorities. We listened to the experience of practitioners and unsurprisingly, their most difficult challenge is to manage the human elements – such as creating an ethical climate that welcomes staff speaking up, and dealing with the heightened emotions of the parties involved in the internal reporting process.

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