Report public interest disclosure data

Public sector agencies must:

  • report certain public interest disclosure information to the NSW Ombudsman every 6 months
  • publish the data in their annual report.

To find out more about agency reporting obligations, see Guideline C2: Reporting to the NSW Ombudsman.

Reporting PID data to NSW Ombudsman

Use the Public interest disclosures online reporting tool to make a report and to view previous reports. You must submit a report even if your agency hasn't received any public interest disclosures.

Only registered users can access the online reporting tool. Contact us to nominate or change your registered user.

For more information about how to use the tool, see the Online reporting tool user manual.

Reporting PID data in annual reports

We developed an annual reporting template to help agencies meet their reporting requirements.

The Public Interest Disclosures Regulation 2011 also outlines what must be included in the annual report.

Contact us

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