Unhappy with our decision

If you are unhappy with our decision on your complaint, you can ask for your case to be reviewed. For us to conduct a review, you need to tell us how we have reached the wrong decision and provide us with any new and important information that is relevant to the decision we have made. If we agree to review our decision, your request will be assigned to a staff member who was not involved in handling your complaint. We will only review a decision once.

A review is not a reinvestigation of a complaint. We are looking at whether the processes our staff followed were fair and adequate, and whether the conclusions reached were reasonable on the information available to us and properly explained. For further information about our review process, please see our policy, Request for Review of Decision.

Once a matter has been reviewed, there is no further avenue of appeal or review of the decision. The Ombudsman’s decision on a complaint is final.

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