Our role in the police complaints system includes independently reviewing the way the NSW Police Force (NSWPF) handles complaints about serious misconduct and investigating particular areas of police practice, if it is in the public interest to do so. We check how police handle less serious complaints, and regularly audit the way their complaint-handling processes are working to ensure they are effective and comply with legislative requirements.

We work with police to make sure the complaints system appropriately identifies criminal and serious misconduct and is accessible, credible, flexible and responsive.

Use of the new consorting provisions by NSW Police

One of our roles is to review how new criminal laws are operating. One of these reviews is about new provisions that make it an indictable offence, punishable by up to three years imprisonment, to habitually consort with convicted offenders after being warned by police.

We are seeking your comment in relation to use of these provisions by NSW Police.

Download a fact sheet about our review of the new consorting provisions here.

Download our issues paper here. In it, we outline the main issues emerging from the use of the new consorting provisions in their first 12 months of operation

Submissions are due by 28 February 2014.

Please send them to review@ombo.nsw.gov.au.

At the end of the review we will report our findings to the Attorney General and to the Commissioner of Police. The Attorney General will table our report in Parliament as soon as practicable after he receives it.

Moved on by police for being drunk?

One of our roles is to look at new laws that give police new powers. Right now, we are looking at new police powers to require drunk people being disorderly to move on from a public place, and to fine or charge a person who refuses to move away or returns to any public place in the next six hours.

Download a fact sheet summarising what we are doing through this link.

Download our issues paper here. It discusses topics of interest.

Submissions closed on 15 February 2013. We will report our findings to the Attorney General and Minister for Police later in 2013.

Investigation into allegations concerning officers of the NSW Police Force, NSW Crime Commission and Police Integrity Commission.

The Ombudsman has received and has been referred a significant number of complaints about the conduct of officers of the NSW Police Force, the NSW Crime Commission and the Police Integrity Commission in relation to a number of investigations, including Operations Mascot, Florida and associated matters. These complaints make allegations about a wide range of serious misconduct that has occurred over a significant period of time.

The Ombudsman has decided that it is in the public interest to directly and independently investigate these allegations. The investigation is to be identified as ‘Operation Prospect’.

Click here to access a fact sheet about Operation Prospect, or contact us at prospect@ombo.nsw.gov.au or by telephone 02 9286 1015.

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