Child Death Review Team

The NSW Child Death Review Team (CDRT) reviews the deaths of children in NSW. The purpose of the CDRT is to prevent and reduce child deaths. In February 2011, the NSW Ombudsman became the Convenor of the CDRT. In addition to the Convenor, the CDRT consists of the Commissioner for Children and Young People; the Community and Disability Services Commissioner; representatives from the Departments of Family and Community Services, Health, Education and Communities, Attorney General and Justice, the NSW Police Force, and Office of the NSW Coroner; and individuals with expertise in relevant fields, particularly healthcare, child protection and research methodology. Staff from the Ombudsman’s office provide support and assistance to the Team in the exercise of its functions. The CDRT:

  • maintains a register of child deaths in NSW;
  • classifies deaths in the register according to cause, demographic criteria and other relevant factors, and identifies trends and patterns in relation to those deaths;
  • undertakes research that aims to help prevent or reduce the likelihood of child deaths, and to identify areas requiring further research; and
  • makes recommendations as to legislation, policies, practices and services for implementation by government and non-government agencies and the community to prevent or reduce the likelihood of child deaths.
The CDRT is required to provide a report to the NSW Parliament every year about its work and activities in relation to child death reviews. The CDRT also reports to Parliament on research it undertakes.

If you would like to contact the CDRT or would like more information about its role, contact the CDRT on 02 9286 1000 or email

Current Child Death Review Team members