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Thank you for visiting my office’s website. This site is one of the best ways for us to provide people with advice and guidance. It provides information about our broad range of roles, responsibilities and functions, as well as allowing people to access our publications, including reports to Parliament, guidelines and fact sheets. We are always looking to make our site more accessible and useful. If you have an idea or a suggestion, please send us an email.

We work very hard each year to produce the office-wide annual report. While this is partly to ensure we comply with a range of legislative reporting requirements, I also see it as one of the best ways to demonstrate what we do, why we do it and to show the very positive results we can and do achieve.

We are currently preparing for the next annual report, and we would like to hear from those who read it. If you access the report, whether it is for work or because you have an interest in a particular area or topic, I would ask that you take a couple of minutes to complete the survey, which can be accessed at the link below.

We look forward to receiving your responses, and your considered comments, thoughts and suggestions will help us to make improvements to this year’s report as well as future reports.

NSW Ombudsman annual report 2012-2013 survey


Bruce Barbour

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