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Thank you for visiting my office’s website. This site is one of the best ways for us to provide people with advice and guidance. It provides information about our broad range of roles, responsibilities and functions, as well as allowing people to access our publications, including reports to Parliament, guidelines and fact sheets. We are always looking to make our site more accessible and useful. If you have an idea or a suggestion, please send us an email.

The NSW Ombudsman has a long tradition of working with a range of different offices and organisations across Australia and around the world to share experiences and knowledge. This helps us to improve, as well as allowing us to share what we have learnt in the forty years since the office was first established.

This is why my office continues to work with the ICAC and IPAA NSW to host the National Investigations Symposium. Held once every two years, this event is an excellent opportunity for investigators from a wide range of agencies and organisations to come together and learn from industry experts and one another. The feedback we have received following the latest symposium in November 2014 has been very positive, and I hope the event continues to grow and change.

At the end of March, Deputy Ombudsman Chris Wheeler travelled to Thailand to conduct two training workshops over three days for Ombudsman staff from around the world. The workshops were funded by the International Ombudsman Institute, Asian Ombudsman Association and the Thailand Ombudsman.

Finally, I am nearing the end of my time as NSW Ombudsman, with my current term ending at the end of June this year. The last few months have been a time of consolidation and planning. This will help to ensure the incoming Ombudsman has the support and assistance they need. This is an extraordinary organisation, staffed by incredible, committed and passionate people who are genuinely committed to working in the public interest. I have been privileged to be Ombudsman for fifteen years, and am sure the office will continue to evolve and grow in the future.

Bruce Barbour

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