Community & disability services training

The Community Services (Complaints, Reviews & Monitoring) Act 1993 (CS-CRAMA) applies to all government and non-government community services provided, funded, licensed or authorised by Community Services or Ageing, Disability and Home Care. Our workshops help services understand their obligations under CS-CRAMA.

We offer the following workshops specifically designed for the community services sector:

See also our Employment-related child protection training workshops for training tailored for government and non-government agencies providing services for children.

Our workshops are offered regularly on our calendar of training across NSW. All workshops are also available in-house. Hardship discounts are available for non-government organisations – email or contact us for more information.

We also offer free workshops for people that use community services:

We currently offer the following workshops:

Effective complaint management - community services

This workshop provides an overview of the essential elements for an effective complaint handling system in the community services sector.

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Effective complaint management in the disability sector

This workshop focuses on the essential elements of a quality complaints management system tailored for the disability sector. It is based on legislative and industry requirements, quality assurance frameworks and the Stronger Together 2 priorities for person-centred approaches to service delivery.

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Frontline skills for complaint handling - community services

This workshop focuses on developing effective skills and appropriate strategies for complaint handling. Participants are given a step by step model for dealing with complaints; they examine different types of complainant behaviour, and also explore how to overcome personal and organisational barriers to making and resolving complaints.

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Handling serious incidents in the disability sector

This workshop focuses on how to respond to serious incidents of abuse and neglect that may arise in a disability service setting. It provides practical advice to help you deal with some of the more complex challenges associated with handling serious incidents, including allegations that may involve a criminal element.

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Reviewable deaths issues

Workshops are available on issues in the disability deaths review area that address some of the key care issues we have identified in our work as possibly influencing the health and/or risk of premature death of the residents of accommodation services.

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The rights stuff - tips for solving problems and making complaints

This workshop is specifically designed for consumers of community services, their families, carers and advocates. This workshop covers practical information and tips to build confidence in raising issues and resolving complaints with service providers.

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