Phones now working

25 Aug 2015

Our telephone system is working again. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. The problem was due to a hardware failure in our building’s basement.

Ombudsman submission to the Review of Police Oversight

10 Jul 2015

On 24 June the Ombudsman provided a submission to Mr Andrew Tink for his Review of Police Oversight in NSW.

Our submission responds to the requirement for Mr Tink to provide advice about ‘options for a single civilian oversight model for police in NSW’. We examine the principles underpinning the current model and how it works in practice. We recommend that any proposed changes should be informed by a proper understanding of the benefits and risks associated with such a change. Our submission highlights the urgent need for new laws to remedy significant gaps in the current arrangements for oversighting police investigations into critical incidents and also explains the need to update complaint handling provisions in the Police Act 1990.

NSW Ombudsman and Commonwealth Ombudsman are holding a joint event at Newcastle City Hall for NDIS participants and their supporters

10 Jul 2015

On 23 July 2015, the NSW Ombudsman and Commonwealth Ombudsman are holding a joint event at Newcastle City Hall for NDIS participants and their supporters. There is an information session at 2:30pm about our roles and how we can help you to resolve problems with the NDIS, followed by a complaints clinic at 3:30pm where you can talk to us if you have a concern or complaint about your NDIS funded service or the NDIS. For more information about the event, please contact Terri Cohen at or 02 9286 1000 or 1800 451 524 (toll free).

Call for submissions

14 May 2015

We invite you to contribute to our current review about police compliance with the requirement that they state their name and place of duty when exercising certain powers, such as search and arrest.

Oversight of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 Annual Report 2013-2014

07 May 2015

The Ombudsman tabled his office’s third annual report under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 today. The report provides a snapshot of the disclosures made and handled by public authorities this year. It also outlines the work of our office in monitoring the way in which public interest disclosures are being dealt with through our interactions with public authorities, the complaints we handle and the audits we conduct.

The report discusses the growing awareness of the PID Act and the protections it affords for reporters. Despite this, there are challenges and barriers which impede effective internal reporting, which we have explored in this report, such as the management of people involved in the process, and their workplaces, to minimise the disruption and conflict that can result from reporting.

Deputy Ombudsman (Aboriginal Programs)

19 Jan 2015

Danny Lester began his term as the Deputy Ombudsman (Aboriginal Programs) on 7 October 2014. His initial focus is the strategic and operational planning for the new function.

We will work with key Government agencies, Aboriginal communities, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and other stakeholders to ensure that services and programs for Aboriginal people are making a difference. We have established a community visitation schedule to reach out to the communities to listen, learn and seek feedback. These visits will commence from 10 November 2014.

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