Register now for the 11th National Investigations Symposium

25 May 2016

Registrations are now open for the 11th National Investigations Symposium (NIS) in November 2016 at the Four Seasons Sydney.

A joint initiative by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption; NSW Ombudsman; and Institute of Public Administration Australia NSW, the Symposium presents an opportunity for public sector investigators and complaint handlers to increase their investigative knowledge, skills and techniques, and gain insight while networking with fellow practitioners.

Supporting new reportable conduct schemes in Victoria and the ACT

11 May 2016

Calling for a nationally consistent approach to reportable conduct schemes and for the sharing of information to promote the safety and well-being of children was one of the key themes that emerged from our recent Reportable Conduct Forum.

Debt Recovery Working Group

11 May 2016

We are providing information about debt recovery and in particular garnishee orders that we have identified through our complaint handling experience, research and consultation with other State and Commonwealth government agencies to the Debt Recovery Working Group. The Working Group, which is convened by the Department of Justice and in which we participate, provides advice to Government regarding the recommendations of the NSW Legislative Assembly Legal Affairs Committee’s 2014 inquiry into debt recovery in NSW and the statutory review of the Civil Procedure Act 2005.

Disability Rights Project – Expert forum

11 May 2016

We recently hosted an expert forum on the rights of people with disability with complex support needs. The purpose of the forum was to discuss available resources and gaps around the capacity of people with disability with complex needs to realise their rights under the NDIS, and within the broader community. Our office will have a particular focus on the rights of people with complex needs, and/or who are from sections within the community that are hard to reach, as part of our Rights Project for People with Disability.

The Forum was highly successful, with over 40 participants from across Australia including leading academics, advocates and representatives of government and non-government agencies. The participants engaged in important discussions around how we ensure that all people with disability who are eligible (including those with complex needs) can make the most out of the NDIS reform.

Strategies on how to protect and support internal reporters

11 May 2016

What strategies do you suggest that agencies could use to protect and support internal reporters? This question was recently posed by the Deputy Ombudsman Chris Wheeler in a discussion forum in the Whistling Wiki.  The Whistling Wiki is an online community for individuals with a professional interest in public interest disclosures/whistleblowing.

Reporting wrongdoing is rarely an easy experience. Active support (both informal and professional) for an internal reporter is essential and should be part of any organisational response. Join us in discussing how agencies can protect and support internal reporters and have a look at some of the strategies adopted by authorities to mitigate the risk of reprisal.

Contact to join the Whistling Wiki.

OCV Annual Report

29 Apr 2016

2015 marks the 20th year of operation of the OCV scheme in NSW. Official Community Visitors (OCVs) are independent statutory appointees of the Minister for Disability Services and the Minister for Family and Community Services. They operate under the Community Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Act 1993 (CS CRAMA) and Regulations.

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