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Deputy Ombudsman (Aboriginal Programs)

Danny Lester began his term as the Deputy Ombudsman (Aboriginal Programs) on 7 October 2014. His initial focus is the strategic and operational planning for the new function.

We will work with key Government agencies, Aboriginal communities, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and other stakeholders to ensure that services and programs for Aboriginal people are making a difference. We have established a community visitation schedule to reach out to the communities to listen, learn and seek feedback. These visits will commence from 10 November 2014.

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Name and place of duty review

The NSW Ombudsman has begun reviewing whether police officers are providing their name and place of duty when they exercise certain powers, such as search and arrest. We will review compliance with this requirement during the 12 months starting 1 November 2014. Check out our website for more information about this review.

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Deputy Ombudsman Forum

On 3 & 4 November we hosted the second Deputy Ombudsman Forum for 2014. Nine deputies from Ombudsman offices around Australia and New Zealand exchanged information about the work of their respective jurisdiction, and discussed a range of issues common to ombudsman offices, including the development of complaint handling framework and model complaint handling policy.

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We produce a range of publications including general information for the public, guidelines for agencies and organisations we oversight, discussion papers seeking information from the public, final reports at the conclusion of legislative reviews, annual reports outlining the work we have done during the financial year and special reports to Parliament about public interest issues. Some of our publications are also available in community languages.

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This is the second comprehensive investigation that my office has undertaken into the use of Taser weapons by the New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF). The first investigation was done at a time when Tasers were only used by police officers within specialist units of the NSWPF. Since that report in 2008, Taser weapons have been rolled out for use by all accredited general duties police officers in NSW.

View Taser footage of selected case studies.

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